Imagine a fish tank. When the water is full and they are fed, the fish are happy. If you stop feeding the fish and let the water evaporate, they die. Some may become aggressive before they die. This comes from a lack of access to resources.

The amount of resources on the Earth is not unlimited. So what happens when you take 90% of the resources of the tank and give it all to one fish? All of the other fish have to try and survive off that 10%.

Life generally struggles to stay living. Humans arguably more-so than any other thing on the planet. The majority of crime is not because of bad people. Crime comes from people having to struggle. They have to struggle because the one fish keeps all the resources.

Crime is the result of the one percent. If that one fish were to share it’s 90% it would still have enough to be happy and comfortable, while everyone else could be content as well.

Greed. Hoarding. Capitalism. You want a solution to crime?

Fill. The. Tank.